Information about Google for Nonprofit:

Set up Google for Nonprofits if you have an EIN for free emails and other discounted Google products, such as Google Voice.

1. Select "Get Started"

2. Sign in with an existing Google account

3. Confirm the account

4. Select "Next"

5. Check that "United States" is selected, and click on "Next"

6. Collect your NAMI's EIN, physical address, and online contact information. Select "Begin"

7. Select "No, I don't think so", then "Next"

(If you do have a TechSoup account, select "Yes" and follow Google's prompts to verify.)

8. Select "Next"

9. Enter the full legal name of your NAMI affiliate, then select "Next"

10. Enter your NAMI affiliate's address and phone number, then select "Next"

11. Enter your NAMI affiliate's email listed on your website and your website URL, then select "Next"

12. Select "Health Services" for category and "Mental health care" for subcategory. Copy and paste the mission statement below, then select "Next"

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education, and advocacy.

13. Enter your NAMI affiliate's EIN, then select "Next"

14. Enter your information (to verify that you're a representative of your NAMI affiliate), then select "Next"

15. Read and confirm, check the agreement line, then select "Submit"

16. Done for now! Google and TechSoup will follow up with the email addresses you've provided to verify your 501(c)3 status. 

* Be sure to check your Spam folder just in case. TechSoup will likely send an email with any additional info they need within a few hours.

Check out Setting up Google for Nonprofit when you're ready for the next steps.