When you receive an email (at the address you used to sign up) with the subject line "Get started with Google for Nonprofits", your affiliate has been verified.  Congratulations!

1. Verify the email is from an address ending in @google.com.  Open it and select "Activate products"

2. Confirm that the email listed is the account used to sign up for Google for Nonprofit. If it isn't, select "Use a different account" to update.

3. Select "Get Started"

4. If you do not have Google Workspace already, select "No..." then "Next". (Otherwise, select "Yes..." and follow the prompts to update your existing Google Workspace.)

5. Click on the first step: "Sign up for a Google Workspace for Nonprofits trial"

6. Select "Next"

7. Enter your affiliate name, select number of employees/board members/volunteers, then select "Next"

8. Enter your affiliate phone number, then select "Next"

9. Enter your information, then select "Next"

10. Select "Yes, I have one I can use"

11. Enter your domain name, then select "Next"

12. Verify spelling, then select "Next"

13. Create an "admin" username and password, then select "Next"

14. Select "OK" or "No Thanks" - completely up to you!

15. Check "I'm not a robot", then select "Agree and Continue"

16. You can stop here if you need a break - just remember that there are four parts to setting up and you need to complete all the steps within 14 days.

If you'd like to continue, select "Continue to Setup"

17. Congrats on setting up your first Google Workspace account! Next set of steps are in "3. Verifying Your Domain".