When you receive an email (at the address you used to sign up) with the subject line "Google Workspace for Nonprofits is activated", your affiliate's Google Workspace for Nonprofits has been activated. Congratulations!

If you have email address at your domain URL already (ex. xxx@namigwinnett.org), you will also need to migrate your existing emails. Use the information in the link below to migrate your emails:

Get started with the data migration service

For any additional assistance needed with migration, you can reach Google's support team from your Google Workspace:


Go to https://admin.google.com/

1. Sign in with the new admin account created in Step 13 in "2. After TechSoup Verification: Next Steps"

2. Click on your domain

3. Select "Activate Gmail"

4. Read and check both boxes, then select "Continue"

5. If you manage your own domain registration, follow the steps on this page to add the MX records to your DNS records.

If you have the Basic Plus, NewsTrack, or Large/State plan and Big Tomato Tech helped with adding your TXT record earlier,  send us an email to support@namieasysite.com (Subject: Google MX Records). We know Google's MX records, so no need to copy and paste anything here - we just need to know you're ready for the MX records update. Our team will add the MX records to your DNS records, and let you know once it's done.

6. Select "Activate Gmail" at the bottom of the page

Note: DNS records can take some time to propagate. If it fails, retry in a few hours. You can follow the steps above to come back to this page to try to activate again.

7. Congrats on activating Gmail for your Google Workspace! Now you can create additional users/email addresses with your domain URL!

FYI: Google has many helpful articles and a dedicated support team - accessible through the question mark icon in your Google Workspace. Please reach out to them directly for assistance with using their products.