If you are restarting with a new session, go to https://admin.google.com/

If you selected "Continue to Setup" in the 2nd article's last step, you should see the sign-in page below.

1. Sign in with the new admin account created in Step 13 of "2. After TechSoup Verification: Next Steps"

2. Enter a phone number where the text message sent with a verification code can easily be retrieved

3. Read and accept the agreement with Google

4. This is your new Google Workspace! Select "Verify Domain"

5. Select "Next"

6. Select "Verify"

7. "TXT verification" is preferred.

If it says "CNAME verification", please select "Or switch verification method" to change to "TXT verification".

Then, select "Continue"

8. If you manage your own domain registration, follow the steps on this page to add the TXT record to your DNS records. Then, skip to Step 11.

If you have the Basic Plus, NewsTrack, or Large/State plan, Big Tomato Tech could be managing your DNS records.  Select "Copy"

9. Paste the copied info into an email, and send to support@namieasysite.com (Subject: Google TXT Record). Our team will add the TXT record to your DNS records, and let you know once it's done.

10. If you left the verification window open, skip to Step 11. Otherwise, log back in to https://admin.google.com/ with the new admin email, and repeat Steps 1 and 4 to arrive at the "Verify your domain" page below

11. Scroll to the bottom, then select "Verify My Domain"

12. This step may take a few minutes - you can stop here if you need a break, but just remember that there are other parts to setting up and you need to complete all the steps within 14 days.

13. Congrats on verifying your domain! Next set of steps are in "4. G Suite for Nonprofits Activation".