How do I add a new user? 

Only current users with Administrative access can access user functions. To add a new user, go to Users, Add New once you are logged into your site's admin backend. Choose a user name, first+last name with no spaces is generally a good idea, as in chrissmith for someone named Chris Smith. You can only use lower case letters, and no punctuation or spaces are allowed. 

Then enter the person's email address and click Add New User. The system will send an email to your invitee and they will have to activate their account via a link in the email before their account will show up in your user list. Your invitee will have about five days from the time the email is sent to activate their account. 

If the person doesn't get the email invitation, AND five days have passed, you can add them again, but this time skip sending the confirmation email. With this method, the person is added to the user list automatically as an active user. Then, you will need to edit the user to change their password and send it to them. 

If you cannot add the person because the system says their email or username is already used, contact and we can go into the database and delete the invitation so you can try again. 

How do I change a user's role?

How do I remove a user?