You might have an issue where the Crisis Row that is normally at the bottom of every website page is now stuck to the top instead, and covering some menu items. 

This is caused by caching issues and is easy to fix.

1. Log into your website admin panel either by:
a. Clicking the Login Link in your footer,
b. By going directly to your login page via this link:  [replace with your website url].  You might want to bookmark your login URL in case you can't use the link in the footer.

A. If you see Breeze in the top admin bar click Purge Site Cache, or Purge Varnish Cache per the illustration below.

B. If you see WP Rocket in the black admin bar, clear the cache using the WP-Rocket link in the top admin bar, per the image below. When you go back to your homepage it should be fixed.