After creating a form, you should confugre the email notification settings so that (1) the notification goes to the appropriate parties and (2) the email notifcations are less likely to be mistaken for spam.

To begin, after you create a form and save it, go to the Notifications section. This can be found in two places: the left sidebar or under Settings in the top navigation bar next to the name of the form.

From here, you see the Notifications section, which has Admin Notifications as the default. Choose Edit to open the settings for the notification.

Required fields to complete include Name, Send To Email, Subject, and Message. Below is how the notification section will look by default, but you will need to update these settings.

By default, both the Send To Email and From Email will say {admin_email}. The From Email field needs to be changed to a specifc email address to prevent notifications from going to spam.

The Reply To field should be filled in with the email address of the submitter. Use the shortcode icon to the right of the field to choose the Email option. 

The shortcode for this will be Email followed by a colon and a number all in braces, depending on how many forms with email addresses you are using o n your site. Fior this example, {Email:2} will appear in the field.

After making these changes, choose Update Notification to save your work.

When done, your form should look like this:

This is how the basic structure should be before adding additional features such as BCC, etc.

For more on why setting up your form this way is important, watch the video below from Mr. Digital on YouTube at the 20:19 mark, and read this article from Gravity Forms about troubleshooting notifications.