A Posts Module allows you to display and link specific post(s) on another page. You can display one post or several, organized by date, category, author, and more. The Posts Module is used on the home page:

Navigate to the page where you would like to add your posts.

Click Page Builder on the top menu. A small green dot will appear next to the option if opening the Page Builder is allowed.

Once inside the Visual Page Builder, click the blue plus in the top right corner.

Find the Posts module on the Modules tab, under the Posts section.

Drag and drop the Posts module to where you want it on the page. Below is what the default layout and styles look like:

Once placed a mini window will pop up. 

You can adjust the post layout, size, featured image, and publishing information on the Layout tab.

You can adjust the post alignment, text, buttons, and colors on the Style tab.

You can display specific posts by adjusting the settings on the Content tab.

Display Specific Posts

Targeting a specific post can be helpful if you want to showcase an event/announcement on your main page.

Display A Category of Posts

Targeting a specific category of posts is helpful if you want to display all posts from a category in one place. For example, if create a Newsletter category, you can display your newsletters as posts in one place.

Click Save when finished.