One of the best things about the Visual Page Builder (Beaver Builder)  is the ability to save any module (e.g. button), row or column for re-used. Saved modules are stored in a library that you access through the Page Builder when you are editing a page with the Builder. The styles are saved along with the module and you can change the title, links or other attributes to match the need. You can also save a whole row including all the modules within the row, or a column that has elements you want to reuse, or just about any other part of your Page Builder layout. Making changes to your saved module will not impact the element that you originally copied it from. 

With the Beaver Builder page builder, page content is edited on the front end of the site page. You must be logged in to the backend to see these options.

Rows and modules can be saved for later use. This allows you to temporarily remove content from your site and later replace it exactly how it was before.

1) Navigate to the page you wish to edit and click on the "Beaver Builder" text at the top of the page.


2) To edit the settings for a module or row, hover your mouse over it. You will see two mini menus with boxed areas when you hover over the page text. One is gray to control the Row settings. The other is blue to control the Module settings. The rows of each page contain modules such as text boxes, images, callout boxes, etc. that you can add to the page. 

If you wish to save a row, hover over the text and click on the wrench in the gray menu.

If you wish to save a module, hover over the text and click on the wrench in the blue menu.  

3) You will see a text editor box appear where you can edit any of the text (e.g., change spacing, change text color, add additional text, add hyperlinks, etc.). Hit Save As... at the bottom of the window to save your changes.

4) Give the saved row/module an identifiable and unique name. For most cases, Global should be set to "no". Hit Save.

5) When you are satisfied with your edits, hit the "Done" button at the top of the page. Once you hit that button, you will see three options - Discard, Save Draft, and Publish. You must hit the "Publish" button in order to update the page.