Recurring Events

Recurring events are the event feature that we already know and love. With recurring events, you can generate any number of events as long as they all contain the same event details. Each recurring event differs only in date and time and can occur in a pattern-based format or multiple one-time occurrences.

Recurring events work best for multiple events that are essentially the same, just occurring more than once. Here are some types of scenarios that we think work best with recurring events:

  • A Family or Connection Support group that meets at the same time and location each week or each month.
  • A monthly general or educational meeting.
  • An 8 -or 12-week educational course such as NAMI Family-to-Family. 
  • A quarterly board of directors meeting. 


Series are a new post type that will help you to tie events together in a different way. Using Series will allow you to group any events, regardless of event date/time, organizer, venue, description, etc.

Recurring events are always part of a Series. If you create a recurring event and don’t assign it to a Series, then a Series will be automatically generated when you save the event. Generated Series will have the same name as the recurring event. This relationship between Series and recurring events means that if you make unique changes to a specific occurrence of a recurring event (say, a different venue), then that event will stay associated with the others as part of the Series.

There are no limitations to which events you can group together with Series. You can manually add events to a Series from the Series editor or event editor admin.