NAMI EasySite uses Font Awesome icons in our menus on new themes to show if an affiliate offers a particular NAMI program (Location Check), or if it's offered online ( Chalkboard User), as here: 

How to Add an Availability Legend to your Menu:


Add null Custom Links (with a # in the URL) to your menu, one for each icon, then add the appropriate shortcode to the link text for each:

[icon name="location-check" style="color:green"] Offered by NAMI Your Affiliate Name

[icon name="chalkboard-user" style="color:dodgerblue"] Online

(Note: you can choose any icon you like from the library here.)

Add an availability icon to a particular menu item:

You want to make sure to put a space after the end of the menu item name. 

Here are some examples: 

  • NAMI Basics [icon name="chalkboard-user" style="color:dodgerblue"]
  • NAMI Family Support Group [icon name="location-check" style="color:green"]