Forms are not automatically added to a page when they are created. To display a form on a page or other part of your website, you must first place it on your page by using one of the methods below.  

  1. Embed the form onto a page using the Add form button in the editor;
  2. Embed a gravityforms 'shortcode' into the content of a page or post where you want the form to be seen; 
  3. If you are on the new theme you can add a form to a page with the Forms module when editing the page with the Page Builder 

1. The Add Form button If you are adding a form to a Post or any other element that uses the backend Editor, use the Add Form button in the editor. Note: You will not see the Add Form button in the page builder, but you can still use a shortcode. 

2. Embed a gravity forms shortcode

What is a Shortcode?

WordPress shortcodes allow users to perform certain actions as well as display predefined items within WordPress pages and posts. The Gravity Forms shortcode is an easy way to display a Gravity Form on your site.

The shortcode follows this pattern:

[gravityform id="39" title="false" description="false"] 

... where ID is the id # of the form you want to embed. In this example, form id 39 is for our Contact Us form. 

So when we place the whole shortcode into a page's text box, or an event's description, the form will be displayed once the page or item is saved: 


3. Using the Page Builder Form Styler Module

If you are using the Page Builder, you can drag the Gravity Forms Power Pack module to your page, then choose the form and customize / style it using the modules options.