The Accessibility Toolbar makes your website easier to use for people with vision problems such as low vision or color blindness, or who have trouble understanding web navigation. It allows users to change your site's text size, view the site with high/low contrast, underline links, and view your sitemap among other options.

The Accessibility Toolbar appears as a sticky icon on all pages of your site. Click on it to reveal all options.

To add the Toolbar to your site, navigate to Accessibility on the sidebar menu of your WordPress Dashboard. Next, click on Toolbar.  Here you can enable the Accessibility toolbar on your site and add or remove options. You can adjust any of the settings on this page. Make sure Remember user for is set to 1 Month so that web visitors won't have to keep resetting their preferred options. Click Save Changes.

One recommended change to help visitors navigate your site is to add a Sitemap option to the Toolbar. This allows users to see a list of all the pages on your site. To add a Sitemap option, find Sitemap Link and paste the link to your site's sitemap in the textbox. A link to your site's sitemap can be found in the bottom footer of your site next to "Login".

To edit the appearance of the Toolbar, click on Customize under One Click Accessibility. A customize side menu will pop up on the homepage of your site. Make sure you are customizing Accessibility. Here you can edit the icon's icon, position, and color. The NAMI EasySite icon style is One Click. Click Publish when finished.