To create a Newsletter timeline like above, open the Visual Page Builder on the page you would like to place it. Click the blue plus in the top right corner. Under the Modules tab, drag and drop the Timeline module (under Creative Modules - PowerPack section) onto the page.

A mini window will pop-up. Under the Content tab, you can add items to your timeline. Add each year as an item.

Click Add Item to add years. A second mini window will pop up. Under the General tab of this new window, title the item as the year. In the text box below, link the PDFs of each newsletter you would like to add.

Make sure each PDF linked is from the Media Library of the website. If it is not, click Add Media and upload the newsletter as a PDF. (This may give an error. If it does, upload the newsletter as a PDF through the Media Library section of the Dashboard in the backend of the site.) 

When finished adding all the newsletters for a certain year, navigate to the Icon tab. Click Select Icon, search for 'News' in the mini window that pops up, and pick the first option (under Font Awesome Solid). You can select another icon if you choose.

Change the color of the icon under Text Color. To match the styles of the example image above, select the first Color Preset (#0c499c).

Save when finished.

To style each item, navigate to the Typography tab. Under the title section, you can edit the Heading type of all titles/years of the items. To match the example image above, select h3 as the HTML Tag. 

Under this tab, you can also edit the text and button (if you choose to add one) of the items.

Save when finished.