Hover Cards are the module that makes up the Quick Links below the slider on the main page.

If you would like to edit this Quick Links menu on the main page, open the Visual Page Builder, and hover over the menu. Click the blue wrench.

In the mini window that pops up, you can edit the appearance of the menu. Under the General tab, you can edit the menu style and the number of cards appear in one row. Under the Cards tab, you can edit the cards that appear and rearrange their order.  Under the Typography tab, you can edit the styles of the title and description for all the hover cards together.  

Click Edit Hover Card to change a specific card's title, content, link, color, and style.


If you would like to create a Hover Card menu elsewhere, navigate to that page and open the Visual Page Builder.

Find the Hover Cards 2 in the Content Modules - PowerPack section on the Modules tab and adjust the settings as necessary.