Once inside the Visual Page Builder, click the blue plus in the top right corner.

Find the Photo module on the Modules tab.

Drag and drop the Photo module to where you want it on the page. Once placed a mini window will pop up.

There are two main ways to add a photo.

If your photo is stored locally on your computer, make sure Media Library is selected as the Photo Source. Then, upload your photo into the Media Library on the Upload files tab and select it from the Media Library tab.

If your photo is stored online and is accessible via URL, make sure URL is selected as the Photo Source. Then, paste the photo's URL into the box below.

You can scroll down and add/edit a Caption to the image.  You can also add a Link to your image.

If you wish to link your image to a URL, select URL as the Link Type. Then, paste your link into the box below. If the URL is from an external domain, check the New Window option below the text box.

You may switch to the Style tab to edit the image, such as cropping the image, adjusting its width, changing the alignment, and adding a border.

Click Save when done.