Whenever possible, please upload the video to a platform that already optimizes video files, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Once inside the Visual Page Builder, click the blue plus in the top right corner.

Find the Video module on the Modules tab.

Drag and drop the Video module to where you want it on the page. Once placed a mini window will pop up.

There are two main ways to add a video.

If your video is on YouTube, make sure Embed  is selected as the Video Type.  Then copy the video's URL (not embed code) and paste it in the editor that appears.

Click Save when done.

The "Media Library" option should only be used for very short video files, and there's also a 7 MB file size limit.

If your video is in MP4 format, make sure Media Library is selected as the Video Type. Then click Select Video and then upload your MP4 video from the Media Library from the Upload files tab. If your MP4 video is already in your Media Library, select it from the Media Library tab.

You may adjust the Video Controls by scrolling down and selecting the options you wish to display.

Click Save when done.