The slider is the slideshow of images near the top of your homepage. You can use this free Canva template, which is in the correct dimensions, to create a new slide then upload it to your Media Library. Canva has a free-to-use account you can sign up for.

To add a new slide, open the front end editor on the homepage.

Hover over the slider and click on the "Setting" icon, the blue wrench.

Make sure the "Slides" tab is selected. If you're trying to add a new slide, click on "Add Slide". If you are trying to edit, click on "Edit Slide" of the one you're changing.

You can move, duplicate, or delete a slide by hovering over those respective icons to the right of each slide. 

Make sure your slide has a distinct label.

In the "General" tab, choose the type of background you would like the slide to have. Most slides will have photos as their backgrounds.

To select the image you would like as the slide's background, click "Add," and it will display options to upload a new image or select one that is in your Media folder already.

It's best to have your image(s) already prepared in the correct size. We recommend the size 1440 pixels by 518 pixels. This is a bit larger than the slider dimensions, but will add a buffer so that your important info shows up in the center. 

You can use a tool such as Canva (free), Photoshop, etc. to create your graphics. You can also find high-quality, copyright-free images on sites such as or . Just make sure your images are around 1440 x 518 pixels 

If you want to change the background image, click on "Remove." 

When you scroll down, you'll see the area where you can edit the slide's content (heading and text).

You can redirect users when they click on your slide. To do this, navigate to the "Link" tab and paste the link you would like to direct users to when they click on the slide. We usually check off the "New Window" option when the link is directing the users to any domains outside your own. 

If you would like there to a button users must click on to be redirected, change the Call to Action type to button. You can change the button text and styling below.

Click on "Save", which brings you back to the list of all the slides. "Save" again. And then the final step is to press "Done", and then "Publish".