Often when you make changes to your site you may not see them appear right away. This is because webpages are cached to speed up website loading times. There are certain calendar settings you can use to improve user experience.  

Go to your site's main calendar page. The page's URL should end in /calendar/ or /events/. Edit this page by clicking the "Edit Page" option in the top menu.

Scroll down to the WP Rocket Options module. This may be located on the right sidebar of the page. Make sure the checkbox next to "Never Cache this page" is checked. Then, scroll up and hit the blue "Update" button under the Publish module.

Using the left sidebar, navigate to Events, then Settings.

Change tabs from General to Display.

Under Basic Template Settings (the first section), scroll down to Enable the Month View Cache (the last checkbox in the section). Make sure that this is NOT checked. If it is checked, uncheck it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit "Save Changes."