One way to display upcoming events on the homepage of your website is to use the Small Calendar with Event List module.

To add or edit the settings on this module, login to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to the site's homepage. This can be done from the dashboard by hovering over NAMI Your_Affiliate on the top menu and clicking "View Site".

This will display your homepage with a top menu.  Click "Visual Page Builder" (or "Page Builder") on the top menu. It should have a small green circle to the right.

Scroll on the homepage to the section where you would like to add or edit the Small Calendar with Event List module. Click the blue plus button in the top right corner, where a menu of modules to add will pop up.

Click on the search icon and type "events calendar". Drag and drop the Events Calendar option to the area on the homepage you wish to add it.

To edit the settings for this module, click the wrench icon on the top left blue menu that appears when hovering over the module.

Adjust the settings as necessary and hit Save.  

  • You may edit the number of events that are listed below the widget calendar.
  • Make sure the Generate JSON-LD data checkbox is checked.

Then, click the blue "Done" button and "Publish" in the top right menu to save and publish your changes to the site.