This is actually really easy. Start in the WordPress dashboard — you should be able to find a menu entry called Events and, if you click on it, you should see the Add New link.

Once you’ve found it, go ahead and click on it! This should bring you to the event editor. The event editor hopefully won’t contain too many surprises: it is intentionally almost identical — at least on first glance — to the regular page and post editor used by WordPress itself.

So, if you’re familiar with WordPress, you should feel right at home. Here is how to create an event in the classic editor:

1. Add a title to your event 
2. Describe your event 
3 Select the date and time for your initial event (required), as well as any desired recurrences (optional) 
4. Select an existing venue or create your own (optional) 
5. Specify the event organizer (optional). Doing this makes it so people can filter events by location. If the location is virtual, select "Online" as the venue and uncheck "Show Map" and "Map Link".
6. Link to an external website about the event (optional) 
7. Determine if the event should be featured (optional) 
8. Upload a featured image to display in event listings (optional). Doing so adds visual appeal to the calendar and increases engagement among site visitors. For NAMI programs, this can be as simple as the program logo.

9. Check an event category. Doing so makes it easier for site visitors to find the events they're looking for and significantly increases the visual appeal of the calendar.

Finally, hit Publish to save your new event. If you are editing an event you've already created, the button will say Update.