To connect a form in your website to a Constant Contact list, you need to have the login information to your Constant Contact account; or get the person who can log into the Constant Contact account to get the information needed (see below).

The first thing to do is log into your website backend, then go to Forms, Settings, Constant Contact. If you don't see the Constant Contact option, email and we can turn it on for you.

Follow the instructions below to obtain the API Key and App Secret from the Constant Contact account you want to connect. 

Once you have the account connected, the next step depends on how many lists you want to allow someone to sign up for. If you have multiple lists, e.g. Monthly Newsletter, Events, Advocacy etc., you need to put checkboxes on your form so that the person signing up can indicate their choice(s). 

Then you will need to create a Constant Contact 'feed' on the form for EACH list, which will send the form info to Constant Contact. 

On your form go to Settings, Constant Contact Feeds, and Add New. Give your feed a name (for instance the name of the list) and then choose the correct list from the drop down. 

When you do that the merge fields shown will appear. Match the form field on your form to the Constant Contact field name. 

Finally, scroll all the way to the bottom and set Condition Logic to only process the feed if the choice the subscriber made matches this list. 

You should test that you've set up the form correctly by submitting a test entry, then checking in Constant Contact to make sure your test was added as a contact to the list.